iPhone 8's Longer Battery Life Said to Entice Those With Older iPhones to Upgrade

Apple’s rumored iPhone with an edge-to-edge OLED display will have longer battery life, which will drive customers with older iPhone models to upgrade at an accelerated rate, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty. Huberty also expects the high-end iPhone to have a significant form factor change with wireless charging, 3D sensors, and more advanced […]

Facebook’s new profile photo flags and Zuck’s idea of “community”

 Mark Zuckerberg believes we should be “coming together not just as cities or nations, but also as a global community.” That’s why Facebook’s latest feature feels a bit confusing. Facebook has added more than 200 flags to its Profile Frames feature, which lets you overlay imagery filters atop your profile photo. Facebook first launched profile […]

Stealth startup Privacy Labs raises $4M to give consumers ‘control’ of their data

 Privacy Labs, a stealth-stage startup that wants to enable internet users to “regain control” of their personal data, has landed a $4 million seed funding round. The company doesn’t have a product right now and is cagey about what it will eventually release, but nonetheless its promise has persuaded Initialized Capital to lead this round. Other investors… […]

DeviantArt and Wix join forces to make artsiest websites ever

Get ready for some changes, deviants. Website builder Wix has bought online art gallery DeviantArt for $36 million. The 16-year-old art site and the freemium site builder closed the deal on February 22. Wix said in a statement that it intends to improve DeviantArt’s platform, especially the mobile app. DeviantArt’s 40 million registered users will see […]

Tech companies speak out against Trump revoking guidelines protecting trans students

 Once again, tech companies are again finding themselves in the midst of a culture war in response to action by the Trump administration. On Wednesday, the administration rescinded guidance for transgender students in public schools, repealing a similar letter which the Obama administration had issued in May 2016 to allow those students to use school facilities that conform with […]

The best travel gadget ever is now available in Europe

I love to travel. But I’m not keen on how hard it can be to stay connected while abroad. Roaming is still excruciatingly expensive. Even if your provider offers free roaming, it’s usually capped to near-2G speeds. And while hunting down free Wi-Fi hotspots is pretty tiresome, it doesn’t come close to how irritating it is […]

The Hardlight VR Suit will vibrate all of your bodily buttons

 Have you ever wanted to feel smack of the punches coming at you from sweaty aliens? The whang of bullet hitting your guts? The feeling of hitting the deck as pirates stream over the virtual bow? The subtle vibration of the VR sexual encounter with a many-tentacled sex robot? Well here we go. The Hardlight […]

A new way for founders to connect with the right VCs

 A young Silicon Valley venture firm is taking the wraps off a piece of software that it says makes it a cinch for founders to figure out which VCs are worth approaching, based on stage, sector, and a variety of other factors. It’s called Signal, and it’s the first project of NFX Guild Labs, an offshoot […]

Improve your nonprofit’s account security with 2-step verification

While online accounts allow nonprofits to easily communicate with partners, volunteers and donors across the world, this shared network can also leave your account vulnerable to intruders. As your nonprofit continues to grow its online presence, it’s crucial to keep confidential information (e.g., finances or donor’s information) safe. While passwords have historically been the sole […]

This extension randomizes your Reactions to hide your true emotions from Facebook

Did you know that anytime you react to a post, Facebook is storing this data to create a comprehensive profile of your preferences and online tendencies? While this might be scary, there’s an app that will help you randomize your reactions to the point where Facebook simply can no longer make any sense of them. Available […]

Apple Expanding Seattle Hub Working on AI and Machine Learning

Apple will expand its presence in downtown Seattle, where it has a growing team working on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, according to GeekWire. The report claims Apple will expand into additional floors in Two Union Square, and this will allow its Turi team to move into the building and provide space for future […]

A few ways to fix an ailing government | Charity Wayua

Charity Wayua put her skills as a cancer researcher to use on an unlikely patient: the government of her native Kenya. She shares how she helped her government drastically improve its process for opening up new businesses, a crucial part of economic health and growth, leading to new investments and a World Bank recognition as […]

9 Chemistry Sets For Kids—Make Science Exciting!

Chemistry can be a daunting subject, but chemistry sets for kids make learning about basic chemistry concepts fun and inviting. Many children learn best when presented with hands-on experiences, and science kits lend themselves easily to this type of teaching and learning. While some kits, often designed for older kids, include all of the components […]

This drum-like keyboard lets you type in virtual reality like a boss

Typing could be quite the ordeal when both of your hands are full – and this is particularly true for virtual reality, where you constantly have to keep a tight grip of your joysticks to maintain control over the experience. But one resourceful designer has found a handy way around this inconvenience. Independent VR developer Jonathan Ravasz has […]

Samsung Plans Small Scale Relaunch of Refurbished Note7 Phones Later This Year [Updated]

Samsung plans on selling modified versions of the troublesome Galaxy Note7 device in emerging markets later in 2017, according to Hankyung [Google Translate]. Samsung’s reported intention is to minimize as much monetary loss as possible by “transforming” the returned products, refurbishing them, and reselling them in the Indian and Vietnamese markets. The new Galaxy Note7 […]

Apple Has at Least Five Different Groups Working on Wireless Charging Ahead of iPhone 8

Apple is widely expected to launch its first iPhone with wireless charging capabilities later this year, but rumors remain conflicting about whether the feature will be based on inductive technology, which would require a charging pad or puck, or a truly wireless long-range charging solution. Apple recently joined the Wireless Power Consortium, a group of […]

Doing more for racial justice

I’m the grandson of a Port of Seattle police officer, the nephew of a Washington State Trooper, and the son of a Snohomish County Detention Chief. The Black men in my family were all engaged in some form of law enforcement, and throughout my lifetime, I’ve seen law enforcement officers be a force for good […]

Microsoft’s new AI sucks at coding as much as the typical Stack Overflow user

Microsoft has made some impressive leaps forward in the world of artificial intelligence (AI), but this might be its biggest yet. Microsoft Research, in conjunction with Cambridge University, has developed an AI that’s able to solve programming problems by reusing lines of code cribbed from other programs. The dream of one day creating an artificial […]

Higher Ed Marketing – Battling brand fatigue in #highered

If you’re involved in any aspect of marketing, branding or communication at a college or university, and you are a member of CASE and receive CASE’s Currents magazine, then you owe it to yourself to read a great article about branding by Tony … Source: fds

How Google Maps APIs are fighting HIV in Kenya

In 2015, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and mobile analytics solutions provider iVEDiX  came together to create the HIV Situation Room, a mobile app designed to help fight the HIV epidemic in Kenya. The app uses Google Maps APIs to create a comprehensive picture of HIV prevention efforts, testing and treatment — […]

10 Great Tools for Creating High-Quality Educational Podcasts

Have you Ever Considered Implementing Podcasts as a Part of in Your Teaching Methods? In 2004, Ben Hammersley was the first person to use the word podcasting in an article for the Guardian. He used… [Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!] Source: kj

CKSyme.com – Facebook Updates For Authors [Feb. 23]

This week (Feb. 23) I sat in on a Facebook Blueprint webinar and listened to Rick Mulreadys Q & A podcast and found out a couple important points of emphasis about Facebook ads Id like to pass on. The post Facebook Updates For Authors [Feb. 23] app… Source: fds

Moov Fitness Coaching Tracker App Receives Major Update

Wearable activity tracking company Moov has issued a major update to its fitness coaching and tracking app, introducing high-intensity workouts and a design overhaul to make tracking data simpler to parse. Version 4 of the Moov Coaching Tracker brings six new heart-rate based HIT circuit workouts that rely on body weight exercises, and two new […]

Digital Learning Day: Social Media PD Best Practices #DLDay

10MT | #19: 10-Minute Teacher Interview with Researcher Laura Pasquini From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Leaders don’t play king of the hill, they make a bigger hill. Today is Digital Learning Day. This is a day for leaders and learners to level up digital learning. For no organization, group, […]

When computers learn to swear: Using machine learning for better online conversations

Imagine trying to have a conversation with your friends about the news you read this morning, but every time you said something, someone shouted in your face, called you a nasty name or accused you of some awful crime. You’d probably leave the conversation. Unfortunately, this happens all too frequently online as people try to […]

Why Group Work Could Be the Key to English Learner Success

English learners are often portrayed as a struggling group, but at San Francisco International High School educators see the language diversity in their classrooms as an asset. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Source: 33

Beautiful Brain: The Stunning Drawings of Neuroscience Founding Father Santiago Ramón y Cajal

“A graphic representation of the object observed guarantees the exactness of the observation itself.” Oliver Sacks insisted that “ideas emerge, are shaped, in the act of writing,” which he considered “a special, indispensable form” of talking to himself. Unusual creature though he was, the beloved neurologist was not the only scientist who turned to other […]

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Gboard for iPhone gets an upgrade

In May  2016, you first met Gboard, our app that let you search and send information, GIFs, emoji and more, right from your keyboard. In July, Gboard went global. And today we’re upgrading your Gboard experience on iPhone by adding access to 15 additional languages, Google Doodles, new emoji, and—by popular demand—voice typing. New languages […]

Google’s Waze carpool service is coming to more cities in the US and Latin America

Furthering its mission to battle vehicular traffic, Google-owned navigation firm Waze is gearing up to expand its Carpool service to more cities across the US and Latin America, reports The Wall Street Journal. The company first began testing its public ridesharing app in Tel Aviv, Israel in July 2015; 10 months later, it launched trials […]

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