Digital Identities & Digital Citizenship: Houston, We Have a Problem

Bonnie Stewart,
the theoryblog,
Apr 27, 2017


thought I had already posted this last week, but apparently not. I tweeted  at the time, “I read this as Bonnie Stewart running smack-dab into ‘groups versus networks’ and opting for groups.” Stewart summarizes, “digital identity, as a practice, operates  counter  to the collaboration and cooperation that need to be part of digital citizenship.” Read the  excellent 75 page slide deck pursuing that idea. There’s a line of argumentation there to the effect that there is a duty of care  that is not recognized by digital identity. Or to employ Chris Lott’s  “Explain it Like I am Five” version, “we don’ t make a better society just by making ourselves better.” I think this is an impoverished account of identity, digital or otherwise. The only way to make ourselves better is to make society better. It’s not an ethical thing. It’s not a citizenship thing. It’s a practical thing.

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