Nobody’s Version of Dumb


Sherri Spelic,
Sept 12, 2017


Prompted by a recently-posted article on Twitter-based echo chambers, George Siemens tweeted that his own experience is similar, and commented “Sadly, bright and intelligent people are reduced to RTing pithy statements rather than thinking. Twitter makes smart people dumb.” Not RTing, but instead responding in a blog post, was Sherri Spelic, who rejoinded, “When George Siemens claims that his network is fairly homogeneous, that is something that he can fix if it’s a priority. But to drag us all down into a space that he in a later tweet describes as “closed, intolerant, narrow minded, and short sighted” is decidedly unfair and unnecessary.” Audrey Watters, in her own post, rebutted, “I think there are massive problems with Twitter. It is, by design, a platform for harassment.” And she points out, “A great deal of what happens on Twitter is wildly unsafe because of vicious, vicious disagreement.”

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