Digital driver’s licence

Jeremy Blackman,
Parenting for a Digital Future, London School of Economics,
Oct 27, 2017

I took the Digital Drivers License (DDL) trial quiz and am disappointed to report that I failed, scoring only 6 correct out of 10. Since I don’t think that my knowledge of the internet is badly flawed, I conclude that the test is. And that’s the problem with (a) tests and (b) the concept of a Digital Drivers License. That, plus the fact that it still took me to a “buy now” page immediately after the end of the quiz. And that’s why I think this article in an LSE blog is naive. It touts the benefits of the the digital driver’s licence created by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation in Australia, and notes that some 22% of Australian schools have registered for it (which means revenues of almost $1.8M – not bad for a bit of web content) but doesn’t look closely at the content, which I think is biased and in some cases quite misleading. 

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