If you thought Facebook ads were creepy before, we’ve got some bad news

While I’m someone who actually appreciates targeted advertising, there’s no denying that Facebook’s ads can be a little… uncanny. For better or for worse, they’re about to get a whole lot smarter. The company today announced that marketers can now target entire households instead of single persons. The idea is that the relationship between household […]

StdLib just raised $2 million to connect businesses via APIs

 Keith Horwood wants to be known in tech circles as an agent for good, and he seems to be working toward that end with StdLib, his roughly two-year-old startup that abstracts away infrastructure using “serverless” architecture, allowing developers to write everything from simple functions to complex business logic, then deploy their code as scalable, fully­ documented […]

Google Earth Is Now a Core Component of G Suite for Education

Earlier this year Google released a Chromebook-friendly, browser-based version of Google Earth. This week at ISTE 17 Google announced that the new version of Google Earth is now a core component of G Suite for Education. This means that your students will be able to use Google Earth with the same account that they use […]

Token has made one ring to rule all your passwords, payments and physical access

 Token’s ring uses a combination of fingerprinting and an optical proximity sensor to ensure that a user’s credentials can’t be accessed by a third party. Using an app, Tokenites can pair the ring and their biometric information with anything from their credit cards to their car keys. Read More Source: 77

Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users…and responsibility

 “We’re getting to a size where it’s worth really taking a careful look at what are all the things that we can do to make social media the most positive force for good possible,” Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox told TechCrunch about the company’s new milestone. 13 years after launching and less than 5 […]

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Trailer Recreated on Vintage Apple IIc Computer

Animator and illustrator Wahyu Ichwandardi has shared one of his newest projects on Twitter this week, where he recreated the entire two-minute trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi on a vintage Apple IIc from 1984, using the bitmap paint program Dazzle Draw and a KoalaPad+, both from the same year (via TechCrunch). Image via […]

ClassTag's Newest Features Bridge the Gaps in Teacher-Parent Communication

This morning at ISTE 2017 I met with Vlada Lotkina from ClassTag to talk about teacher-parent communication. ClassTag originally launched as a tool for streamlining parent-teacher conference scheduling and volunteering planning. It still does that, but it now has more features for communicating with parents. ClassTag lets you send email, push, and SMS/text announcements to […]

A massive new ransomware attack is spreading around the globe

 A month after the WannaCry ransomware attack paralyzed connected systems worldwide, a new threat appears to be spreading quickly. As reports emerge, today’s attack paints a picture of businesses and governments around the world held hostage by a second major wave of ransomware. Read More Source: 77

Target’s next-day essentials delivery service opens to customers in pilot test

 Target announced this morning it’s opening up a new, next-day home delivery service called Target Restock to consumers. The company had said in May the service was live and being tested with company employees, ahead of a consumer-facing pilot program that was due to arrive sometime this summer. The service is initially available to Minneapolis-area […]

Facebook Messenger Gets Reactions and Filters in Video Chat, New Assistant Suggestions

Facebook this week announced it has added several new features to video chatting in its Messenger app for iPhone and iPad. In both one-on-one and group video chats, Messenger users can now add or use animated reactions, filters, effects, and new masks, while Facebook has added a conveniently placed camera icon to take a screenshot […]

Tilt Brush AiR: Isaac Cohen

Editor’s Note: As part of his residency, Tilt Brush artist Isaac Cohen—aka Cabbibo—used the Tilt Brush Toolkit to create a VR picture book titled “Delila’s Gift,”  which tells the story of a small sea creature named Delila and her struggles to comprehend the darkness around her and what it means to belong. “Delila’s Gift” is […]

This $3000 deep-diving drone can be controlled like a video game

The Blueye Robotics Pioneer underwater drone bridges the gap between professional-grade remote operated vehicles (ROV) and remote control toys. Most professional-grade ROVs cost $5,000 to $10,000; the Pioneer comes with everything you need to get started for $3,000. The Blueye Pioneer has a deep diving range, up to 150 meters – that’s eight times deeper […]

Apple Music's New Curated Playlist 'My Chill Mix' Begins Appearing for Some Subscribers

Over the past few days, some Apple Music subscribers have noticed the appearance of a new playlist in the “For You” tab of the music streaming app, called “My Chill Mix.” Redditor Elliotblyth posted about the playlist recently, noting that their iPad remains on iOS 10 and that they have not yet installed the iOS […]

Gene Munster Predicts Apple Will Eventually Earn More From AirPods Than Apple Watch

Despite selling for $159, considerably less than the Apple Watch at between $269 and $1,499, longtime Apple analyst turned venture capitalist Gene Munster believes AirPods will be “bigger than the Apple Watch” over the next decade. Munster predicts that AirPods will contribute “about the same amount of revenue” to Apple’s pocket as the Apple Watch […]

Get access to over 1,000 tech training courses for life, for under $80

You never know what you may need to know. Business and innovation is traveling at warp speed and no matter the industry, new technologies and new strategies are always ready to explode onto the scene. If you want to be prepared for those often unforeseen shifts, hedge your bets now with a lifetime subscription to […]

Wimbledon serves up a new take on journalism in the age of AI

The Wimbledon Tournament is 150 years old. It is as quintessentially English as strawberries and cream, Hugh Grant, and Queen Elizabeth. But that’s not to say that it’s stuck in the past — thanks to a partnership with IBM, Wimbledon is using Watson to automate key parts of the iconic tennis event. One area where […]

Customer Behavior Analysis in the Telecom Arena

With increased competition in the telecom market, it has become even more vital for telecom operators to be proactive in providing services to their customers and to position themselves accurately in the complex market. Indeed, operators have generally shifted their focus from customer acquisition to customer retention, because with the near saturated market, it is […]

New Grading Options in Google Forms

Google Forms has a new grading option that was released on Monday at ISTE 2017. The new option allows for batch grading of questions. You can now grade on a question-by-question basis rather than student-by-student. In other words, you can grade all responses to question #1 on a quiz rather than having to grade one […]

Dave Vernier's Eclipse Tips

On Monday at ISTE 17 I met with a representative of Vernier Software & Technology. They’re producing some neat equipment for science classrooms as well as some excellent interactive physics videos. Those resources are not free to use, but they do have an excellent collection of free resources about the total eclipse happening in the […]

Greenpeace Combats Planned Obsolescence in New Repairability Campaign, iPad and MacBook Score Low

A new campaign by Greenpeace today has rated the repairability of six Apple devices against the smartphone, tablet, and laptop market at large, the purpose of which is to highlight planned obsolescence in the technology industry. Greenpeace partnered with iFixit to assess over forty different devices that debuted between 2015 and 2017, with iFixit’s teardown […]

Daring to Learn How to Learn

Sandra Milligan, University of Melbourne, Jun 27, 2017 Oh how education researchers love their taxonomies. But the five-level classification is the least interesting part of this article (though it will probably be immortalized as “Milligan’s Levels” or some such thing). Here’s the gist: “learners with lower levels of learning expertise are likely to be passive […]

How STEM tools on Chromebooks turn students into makers and inventors

Editor’s note: Over the last year, we’ve introduced new ways for students to develop important future skills with Chromebook tools, including active listening and creativity. Yesterday at ISTE we announced our latest bundles in this series, curated in collaboration with educators. In this post, we dive into the STEM tools on Chromebooks bundle, designed to […]

Yikes! Education is the Number 1 Target for Ransomware Attacks

Here are 15+ Colleges, Universities, and K-12 Schools and Districts hit by Ransomware (and many more that have been hit have avoided ending up in the news). At the recent UBTech conference, I sat… [Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!] Source: kj

Schools Let Students Take Laptops Home In Hopes Of Curbing ‘Summer Slide’

More districts are letting students take computers home for the summer. Officials hope the devices help fill in learning gaps, but experts say parents must play a role to make the lending effective. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Source: 33

#iste17 trends: Google, Touch Screen Chromebooks and More

An interview with Kasey Bell in episode 107 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Today Kasey Bell @shakeuplearning sits down to talk about the hot trends at ISTE 2017 including lots of Google stuff, new AR news, Google Keep, touch Screen Chromebooks, and […]

The European Commission decision on online shopping: the other side of the story

When you shop online, you want to find the products you’re looking for quickly and easily. And advertisers want to promote those same products. That’s why Google shows shopping ads, connecting our users with thousands of advertisers, large and small, in ways that are useful for both. We believe the European Commission’s online shopping decision […]

Volkswagen partners with Nvidia to expand its use of AI beyond autonomous vehicles

 Volkswagen is working with Nvidia to expand its usage of its artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies beyond autonomous vehicles and into other areas of business, the two companies revealed today. VW set up its Munich-based data lab in 2014. Last year it pushed on with the hiring of Prof. Patrick van der Smagt to lead […]

Diffblue, a University of Oxford spin-out, raises $22M Series A to bring AI to software development

The U.K.’s Oxford University continues to be a hotbed of AI talent, fuelling not just academic research into AI but also the ambitions of startups and large technology companies alike. The latest Oxford-based AI startup to make headlines is Diffblue, a University of Oxford spin-out that is applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to software development. Read […]

PromoRepublic raises $1.2M for AI which creates social media for small businesses

 As AI slowly seeps into various sectors, it was fairly inevitable that we would start to see the “AI for X” startups begin to appear. Thus “AI for small business social media” is now a thing, in the shape of PromoRepublic, a US/Finnish/Ukrainian startup which has now raised a $1.2M investment round. More specifically, they […]

Volvo and Autoliv aim to sell self-driving cars with Nvidia AI tech by 2021

 Volvo is forming a new joint partnership with Autoliv, called Zenuity, with a focus on developing self-driving automotive software. The plan is to eventually get to the point where they can field self-driving cars for sale, based on Nvidia’s Drive PX in-car AI computing platform, by the not-so-distant target year of 2021. That’s a tall […]

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