The FCC’s reasons for repealing net neutrality make no sense for consumers

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai formally announced his plan to kill net neutrality and other consumer protections today as he seeks to remove the classification of home and mobile internet service providers as utilities. Although we’ve been hearing about his intentions for months now, the announcement warrants a debunking of his reasoning for […]

Uber hid a security breach affecting 57 million customers’ data

Uber noted in a statement yesterday that two hackers gained access to personal data on 57 million of its users worldwide and some 600,000 drivers in the US, which was stored on a third-party cloud service. The $70 billion company kept this a secret for about a year. The trove of customer data included names, […]

2018 iPhones to Feature Upgraded Antenna Design to Boost LTE Transmission Speeds

Apple’s upcoming 2018 iPhones will feature upgraded liquid crystal polymer (LCP) antenna modules that will contribute to faster LTE transmission speeds, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said tonight in a note that was sent out to investors. Kuo says new iPhone models will use at least two LCP LTE antenna modules, much like the iPhone […]

AppLovin scraps acquisition and takes debt financing instead

 The story of AppLovin‘s acquisition has taken another turn. We first reported that the mobile ad startup was in acquisition talks in August of last year, and the announcement came a month later: AppLovin would sell a majority stake Chinese private equity firm Orient Hontai Capital. Today, however, CEO Adam Foroughi revealed that the deal […]

Crunch Report | The FCC sets vote to kill net neutrality and Bitcoin hits $8,000

 Today’s stories: FCC highlights plan to kill net neutrality, Android secretly sending location data, Bitcoin just passed $8,000 and Toyota’s new robot can be controlled in VR. Read More Source: 77

New York Attorney General launches investigation of Uber’s $100,000 hack cover-up

 The revelation that Uber concealed a 2016 data breach affecting 57 million users and paid hackers to destroy the evidence is yet another PR nightmare for Uber, but it’s also a problem when it comes to state laws around data breach disclosure practices. In light of Bloomberg’s report, the office of New York State Attorney General Eric […]

Apple Bought Augmented Reality Headset Company Vrvana

Apple recently purchased Vrvana, a company that developed an augmented reality headset called Totem, reports TechCrunch. Two sources with knowledge of the deal confirmed the acquisition, but Apple declined to comment and did not provide its usual acquisition statement. TechCrunch says Apple did not deny the story, though, and several employees who were previously with […]

Divergent 3D taps a Chinese-led investment syndicate for up to $107 million in new funding

 On a lonely stretch of road just off the highway in Torrance, Calif. employees at Divergent 3D are hard at work plotting a revolution in vehicle manufacturing. Inside the nondescript office building, chief executive Kevin Czinger and his staff are laying the groundwork for the creation of a more environmentally sustainable, flexible and customizable means […]

Lightform raises $5M to turn old projectors into augmented reality machines

 In Blade Runner 2049, one of the more interesting stylistic choices was how the film imagined futuristic augmented reality. While the Microsofts and Googles of our real dystopian world are currently approaching AR tech with headsets and smart glasses, Blade Runner 2049 relied entirely on external projection. This vision of the future may still seem […]

Hackers Stole Data From 57 Million Uber Drivers and Customers, Uber Paid $100K to Hide Attack

Uber suffered a massive data breach last year that exposed the personal data of 57 million customers and drivers, reports Bloomberg. The attack occurred in October of 2016 and included personal information from 50 million Uber riders and 7 million Uber drivers. Two hackers reportedly accessed a private GitHub repository used by Uber’s software engineers […]

Hundreds of websites record your every keystroke without you knowing

Hundreds of websites record your scrolling behavior, clicks and movements according to a study recently carried out at Princeton University. Among these are The Guardian, Reuters, Samsung, AlJazeera and Most of us are aware that our searches, page views and even page scrolls are documented, but the report sheds light on how intricate that […]

Learn more about the world around you with Google Lens and the Assistant

Looking at a landmark and not sure what it is? Interested in learning more about a movie as you stroll by the poster? With Google Lens and your Google Assistant, you now have a helpful sidekick to tell you more about what’s around you, right on your Pixel. When we introduced the new Pixel 2 […]

Fear and Loathing in the Moodle Community

Moodle News responded to our recent coverage regarding the platform’s declining market share by pushing back hard with an article that simultaneously insinuates bias on our part and attempts to use our numbers to draw the opposite conclusions from the ones that we have put forward. This presented us with something of a dilemma. As […]

Activism needs introverts | Sarah Corbett

For the introverts among us, traditional forms activism like marches, protests and door-to-door canvassing can be intimidating and stressful. Take it from Sarah Corbett, a former professional campaigner and self-proclaimed introvert. She introduces us to “craftivism,” a quieter form of activism that uses handicrafts as a way to get people to slow down and think […]

You can now send 4K photos via Facebook Messenger

Facebook today announced its Messenger chat app service supports 4K photo sharing. Now you can send pictures “up to 4,096 x 4,096 pixels per image,” one of, if not the highest resolutions smartphones currently support. According to Facebook, its Messenger users send 17 billion pictures via the service monthly, and many users requested they be able […]

MacMall Begins Black Friday Savings on MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, iPad, and More

Following B&H Photo and Adorama, MacMall today has started its Black Friday savings a few days ahead of the shopping holiday. While there are exceptions, many of MacMall’s deals are matching the discounts for the same products over at B&H Photo and Adorama. We’ve listed some of the best sales below, so be sure to […]

This app gives you 24/7 access to mental health care professionals

More than 40 million people in the US alone suffer from depression and anxiety. Less than 15 percent of those will receive treatment. To call this an epidemic would be an understatement. One company,, is hoping to make a difference through its app, which brings professional mental healthcare to anyone with a smartphone. […]

Nearly Completed Apple Park Campus Shown Off in New Drone Video

Work on Apple Park is nearing completion, and the latest drone video shared today by drone pilot Matthew Roberts shows off recent progress and finishing touches that are being put in place on buildings and outdoor areas. Today’s video features the now-completed Apple Park Visitor’s Center, located across the street from the main ring-shaped building. […]

The rise of the campus meme

Sahil Chinoy, Ella Jensen, The Daily Californian, Nov 22, 2017 If there’s one thing people at elite colleges know how to do really well, it’s how to create an in-group. Thus so with memes. The typical meme has been around for ages; I wrote about them in 1999, before the first image meme. These appeared […]

Remember Ello? It didn’t go anywhere.

In March, 2014, the world was gripped by a new, invite-only social networking site called Ello. Ello was markedly different to the competition, as the site emphasized the need for user privacy, and said it would thrive without using the tried-and-tested advertising-supported revenue model. At its peak, it saw between 31,000 to 45,000 sign-ups each […]

Overclock Labs bets on Kubernetes to help companies automate their cloud infrastructure

 Overclock Labs wants to make it easier for developers to deploy and manage their applications across clouds. To do so, the company is building tools to automate distributed cloud infrastructure and unsurprisingly, it is betting on containers — and specifically the Kubernetes container orchestration tools — to do this. Today, Overclock Labs, which was founded […]

Intro to U.S. Involvement in WWI – And What Kids Say About Tom Richey's Videos

Tom Richey recently released a new video for students in U.S. history courses. The United States in World War I is a video in which Tom provides students with an overview of why the United States got involved in the war, why U.S. involvement was significant, and Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points. It’s hard to provide […]

Shadow upgrades its cloud computer for gamers and opens signups to everyone

 French startup Blade, the company behind Shadow, announced at a press conference that it is launching new offers, updating specifications and the ability to become a client and buy a subscription without any waiting list. Shadow is a gaming PC in the cloud for a monthly fee. The company has been running thousands of computers […]

FCC Expected to Repeal Net Neutrality Rules in Vote Next Month

FCC chairman Ajit Pai today announced that his controversial Restoring Internet Freedom order is headed to vote on December 14. The order, proposed in May, would roll back the Barack Obama administration’s classification of internet service providers as “common carriers” under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. As common carriers, internet providers are […]

YouTube returns to the Amazon Echo Show

 When the Amazon Echo Show first debuted, it included a YouTube feature, as is right and proper for a device with a screen capable of playing video and connecting to the internet. But Google quickly nixed the Echo Show YouTube player, since it was a non-standard presentation of the company’s stuff which did not comply […]

Teeth straightening startup Candid raises $15 million from Greycroft, Bessemer and others

 Candid, the dental startup that aims to straighten your teeth for less than the cost of braces and Invisalign, recently raised a $15 million Series A round led by Greycroft Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, and some existing investors. The plan is to use the funding to beef up Candid’s operations and grow its customer […]

Deciding At What Age To Give A Kid A Smartphone

It’s a question most parents will wrestle with at some point — when is the right time to give my child a smartphone? Let’s tick through a few other questions first. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Source: 33

Demand for Nintendo’s new mobile Animal Crossing game overloads servers

Nintendo today released its new mobile game “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp,” a day ahead of schedule. Assuming you haven’t used the clever geolocation workaround to get the game ahead of its intended release, it’s now available to download. If you can get it to work, you’ll find a cheerful game in which you build a campsite […]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp just hit iOS and Android a day early

 No doubt hoping to get a jump on that holiday traffic, Nintendo’s latest mobile opus, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has hit iOS and Android a day ahead of schedule. The latest installment of one of the game company’s most adorable franchises was first announced this time last month. In spite of some skepticism, early looks […]

Apple Watch Wearers Can Earn Thanksgiving Day Badge on Thursday

Apple today announced that Apple Watch users can earn a special Thanksgiving Day badge and accompanying iMessage sticker by completing a walk, run, or wheelchair workout with a distance of at least 5K (3.1 miles) on November 23. As with the Veterans Day badge, this achievement is only available on devices that have United States […]

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