The Story of Habitat, the Very First Large-Scale Online Role-Playing Game (1986)

Colin Marshall, Open Culture, May 27, 2017 Without diminishing the historical importance of Habitat., it should be noted that it was not the first  massively multiplayer online role-playing game  (MMORPG). That distinction belongs to the multi user dungeon (MUD). Descended from  Adventure (1975), the first MUD was created in 1978.Habitat was probably the first  graphical […]

Smart glass technology is making wearable computers accessible

If you thought that wearable computing was the stuff of science fiction movies, companies like Vuzix are bringing this technology to life. With a Smart Glasses range for enterprise and entertainment; hands-free, digital eyewear is becoming an accessible option for all. Why would you want a computer directly in front of your eyes? Here are […]

Court rules against model over body-shaming Snap

Former Playboy model Dani Mathers was sentenced to community service by a judge this week for a Snap she took of another woman. While at an LA Fitness gym last July, Mathers took a picture of a naked 71-year-old woman in the locker room. She captioned the photo, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t […]

Roborace autonomous car takes a lap in Paris

 At the Formula E Paris ePrix over the weekend, the driverless Roborace navigated a lap of the 1.9 km course all by itself — all 14 turns. Read More Source: 77

KidPass raises $5.1 million for its children’s activity subscription service

 KidPass, a monthly membership program that gives parents access to a variety of kid-friendly activities across their city, has raised $5.1 million in Series A funding, the startup reported this week. Currently live in New York, the new funds will allow the service to expand to new markets including L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, […]

The High Five: trending searches this week

The tragic attack in Manchester was top of mind for many searchers this week. Here’s a look at what people wanted to know, and four other trending topics from the week of May 21. Attack in Manchester This week, a terrorist attack in Manchester, England claimed the lives of 22 people attending an Ariana Grande […]

On-demand food startup Sprig is shutting down today

 The on-demand food business is tough, especially if you’re trying to handle all elements of the experience, like sourcing the food, cooking the food and delivering it. It’s a lot. That said, Sprig, the startup that makes and delivers its own food, is shutting down today. Read More Source: 77

UK wants G7 to take collective action on online extremism

 The UK Prime Minister is using the annual G7 summit of seven of the world’s major industrialized democracies to push for more to be done about online extremism, including co-ordinating on ways to force social media platforms to be more pro-active about removing and reporting extremist content to authorities. Read More Source: 77

The Marc Newson Hourglass For Hodinkee shows us time is a nanoball

 “Can anyone tell me what this is?” the teacher asked. Outside the rust rains had come again and the building reacted by assembling a nano sphere shield. They would be inside until it stopped. None of the children were old enough for the skin adaptation. She might as well keep them busy. She held up […]

Is VR The Future of Filmmaking?

The question of how Virtual Reality will transform creative industries such as Film is a big one, but Cannes certainly seemed like an appropriate place to tackle it. So in between attending red carpet screenings, gawking at mega yachts and indulging in some celebrity spotting (Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell and Mads Mikkelsen all in one […]

Ubisoft drops five Far Cry 5 trailers, reveals release date

The new trailers — yes, trailers — for Far Cry 5 hit YouTube today, giving more details about the series’ first American entry. Three of the five trailers focus on in-game characters, who give vague portents of conflict with an encroaching religious army. Another trailer shows the countryside and hints at returning gameplay staples such as attacking animals […]

Learn how to use Adobe apps to create the coolest digital design work ever, for just $31

The Adobe Creative Suite packs in so many features to service so many different types of creative pursuits that sometimes it’s easy to lose track of how much just one of those individual Adobe programs can offer. If you’re eyeing a career in digital design (or just want to add a cool new skill set […]

Turning #teampixel photography into an immersive art exhibit

For the next few weeks on the iconic High Line in New York, you can check out hundreds of images submitted by Pixel users from around the world. Together with Refinery29, we’ve created the Meadow, an immersive digital installation that celebrates the creativity of Pixel photographers. Shooting with one of the best smartphone cameras, they’ve […]

Eric Stoller's Blog – Digital Leadership and Listening: Crafting the team and finding time

When I was a graduate student at Oregon State University my assistantship supervisor/mentor would always talk about Hobsons as the go-to provider for high level thinking and strategy about enrollment management. Now that they’ve purchased Starfish R… Source: fds

How to find a wonderful idea | OK Go

Where does OK Go come up with ideas like dancing in zero gravity, performing in ultra slow motion or constructing a warehouse-sized Rube Goldberg machine for their music videos? In between live performances of “This Too Shall Pass” and “The One Moment,” lead singer and guitarist Damian Kulash takes us inside the band’s creative process, […]

Best Buy Memorial Day Sale Savings on Apple Watch, Mac Notebooks, 9.7-Inch iPad Pro, and More

Best Buy today launched a four-day-long Memorial Day sale that has markdowns on quite a few Apple products, including Apple Watch, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac. The four day sale begins today and ends on Memorial Day, this Monday, May 29. Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Best […]

This Week's Cover of 'The New Yorker' Was Sketched on an iPad

This week’s cover of The New Yorker has been sketched using an iPad and Apple Pencil, created by illustrator Jorge Colombo. The image depicts Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn Heights that Colombo frequents, with the artwork capturing a couple of basketball games and spectators at the park. Apple CEO Tim Cook shared The New Yorker […]

27 Ideas for Teaching With & About Topographic Maps – From the Archive

Due to an injury and some pressing personal matters requiring my attention, posts for the rest of the week will be favorites from the archive. The USGS offers free topographic maps for most of the United States. The maps can be downloaded as PDFs through the USGS store. The maps can be used in the […]

How to Create a Progress Chart in Google Sheets – From the Archive

Due to an injury and some pressing personal matters requiring my attention, posts for the rest of the week will be favorites from the archive. New posts will resume on Monday. Flippity provides a handful of great Google Sheets templates. I’ve featured their Random Name Picker, Flashcard, and Jeopardy templates in the past. The latest […]

10 Ways to Use Adobe Spark in School – From the Archive

Due to an injury and some pressing personal matters requiring my attention, posts for the rest of the week will be favorites from the archive. New posts will return on Monday. On Tuesday morning I published a video about how to use Adobe’s new creative suite called Adobe Spark. That video was focused on how […]

IEEE P7006 – Standard for Personal Data Artificial Intelligence (AI) Agent

Ieee, May 26, 2017 Clearly this is an initiative that has multiple applications within the learning space. “This standard describes the technical elements required to create and grant access to a personalized Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will comprise inputs, learning, ethics, rules and values controlled by individuals.” The kick-off meeting is June 14. See you […]

It’s Beatlemania in Google Earth

The Beatles’ eighth album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, first hit the record stores in June 1967. The album was created at Abbey Road Studios and features classics like “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and “With A Little Help From My Friends” in addition to the title track. Fifty years later, Sgt. Pepper […]

5 Fantastic Peer Feedback Strategies for Your Classroom

A conversation with Starr Sackstein on episode 85 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Today, Starr Sackstein @mssackstein shares 5 feedback strategies to supercharge your writing instruction and classroom culture.  We are also hosting a giveaway contest with her book on assessment. Listen Now […]

Higher Ed Marketing – Friday Five: 2017 summer reading edition

It is time once again for my annual list of books I’m planning to read this summer. Fortunately, there are only five books on my list, so that makes it fit nicely with this regular Friday Five feature.  1. One to make me smarter: Homo Deus, by Yuval… Source: fds

TSMC Sources Claim 'iPhone 8' Will Have Touch ID Integrated into Display

Apple has successfully finalized a solution to integrate Touch ID fingerprint recognition directly into the display of its upcoming “iPhone 8“, according to a new report on Friday. Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) said it spoke to sources from Apple supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), who apparently confirmed Apple’s achievement during a technology convention […]

Bear 1.2 Brings Sketching, New Icons, and VoiceOver to Note-Taking App

Popular note-taking app Bear received an update on Thursday across Mac and iOS that adds a number of notable features to the Evernote rival. The biggest change to Bear is the ability to sketch on iOS. Users can now add sketches to their notes using a finger or stylus. Sketches are drawn on a separate […]

Bringing digital skills training to 30,000 farmers in Vietnam

Farmer Nguyen Thi Tham receives basic training on how to use her smartphone to navigate the internet Nguyen Thi Tham has worked as a farmer her entire life. She has always relied on her neighbors for information about the weather and market conditions, and she always thought she was too old to use the internet. […]

Even the world’s largest bitcoin exchange couldn’t handle this week’s cryptocurrency boom

 For those operating a bitcoin exchange — where people can buy cryptocoins — you’d imagine that the current surge in value for bitcoin and others like Ethereum’s ether coin is a dream come true. The answer is yes and no. Coinbase, the world’s most funded bitcoin exchange, was dragged offline by the massive increase in interest in the space. Users […]

Crunch Report | Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard Commencement Speech

Mark Zuckerberg gives this year’s Harvard commencement speech, Uber and Lyft are returning to Austin, Ford has some leadership shake-ups and TC Battlefield company Beam (acquired by Microsoft) is now called Mixer. All this on Crunch Report. Read More Source: 77

Barnes & Noble Education’s Predictive Analytics Deal With Unizin

By Phil Hill More Posts (477) Barnes & Noble Education (BNED) announced today that they have a deal with Unizin to provide predictive analytics services through the LoudSight platform to the consortium’s member universities. As covered by Inside Higher Ed: BNED, as the company now likes to be called, operates nearly 1,500 bookstores, but has […]

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