Middle East and North Africa aren’t the next big hotspot for tech… yet

In the past, people didn’t give much thought to the startup climate in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). But after Careem’s massive funding and Amazon’s acquisition of Souq, people are finally realizing the potential of the region. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet with entrepreneurs and help startups all over the region through my […]

7 signs your design style is out of date

If you’ve worked in the design industry for any length of time you’ve probably seen styles come and go. Maybe you’re using some styles that are so popular they’ve reached their saturation point. Or maybe you haven’t even realized the possibilities that come with the constant influx of new technology. Whether or not you’ve already […]

Apple Teams Up With Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson for Siri Movie

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson today announced that he’s teamed up with Apple for a movie that co-stars Apple’s AI-based personal assistant, Siri. According to the poster tweeted by Johnson, the movie is called “The ROCKxSIRI Dominate the Day.” There are no details on how long the film is or what it’s about, but it apparently […]

How to make money livestreaming

Recently we published a piece helping new livestreamers get started. Basic stuff, right? Now we think you’re ready for a more advanced lesson: How to make money doing livestreams. This is not casual stuff we’re talking about — you’ll need a lot of time, dedication, and probably no small amount of luck to get to […]

Learn coding fundamentals with the Complete JavaScript Coding Bundle – only $59

Any prospective programmer looking to break into the business needs a few foundational tools in his or her bag of tricks. And without a doubt, Javascript needs to be one of those tools. It’s one of the most formative languages of the web, so get comfortable with the backbone of web development with this Complete JavaScript […]

How app developers can avoid TV’s advertising mistakes

Over the past twenty years the number of entertainment channels available to the public has increased dramatically from simple television and radio, to streaming on-demand, mobile apps, TV catch up, and many more. Business models vary, but many remain heavily reliant on advertising and in a world where consumers increasingly tune out and block ads, […]

The dream of Polish tech entrepreneurship is almost over

 Poland has worked diligently over the past decade to become an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Once home to businesses focused primarily on app design and outsourcing, social, societal, and economic pressures forced the country’s brightest to start building for themselves. And they did. I’ve covered Polish startups for almost a decade, first on TechCrunch and then on […]

Dear tech dudes, stop being so dumb about women

 I want to talk about a relatively little-discussed aspect of the venture-capitalist sexual-harassment revelations that have rocked the Valley of late. In their wake, I have seen, first- and secondhand, men react with statements which can be collectively paraphrased as “Now I’m nervous about hiring women / investing in women / being alone in a […]

Research-Influenced Learning Spaces

“We need to move away from classroom design that is “Pinterest pretty” and use research/design thinking to guide the work.” – Eric Sheninger and Tom Murray When Tom Murray and I set out to write Learning Transformed our goal was to connect as much research as possible to our ideas and statements as well as […]

Latest Drone Footage Reveals Landscaping Progress in Apple Park's Inner Circle

Drone videographer Duncan Sinfield posted a new video on his YouTube channel today, offering a “late July” bird’s eye view of Apple Park, the company’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California. Sinfield’s video reveals landscaping around the campus has picked up momentum in the last few weeks, with a large grove of trees in the inner […]

Teaching and Instructional Tech Tweet Recap, w/e 07-22-17

Inspiring, informative, useful, or just plain fun tweets posted on Twitter over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers. This week in the wrap … fun ideas and tools for… [Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!] Source: kj

How motion sensing technology can improve physical therapy and pain relief

“Slow progress is still progress.” “Have faith in the process.” “It’s mind over matter.” These are just a few in a very long list of quotes that people will hear — or see on an inspirational poster in their doctor’s office — when they begin a long and frustrating road to recovery in physical therapy. […]

Alibaba and Tencent are carving up Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem

 Two global tech forces are putting their mark — and money — into Southeast Asia’s nascent startup ecosystem, but they may not be the Western names that you expect. Rather than Google, Facebook or Microsoft, increasingly Chinese duo Alibaba and Tencent are the driving forces behind the importing of large sums of capital and vast business […]

The Week in Review – New Headquarters

Good evening from the new Free Technology for Teachers world headquarters in Paris, Maine. Today, we moved into a home in the Paris Hill historic district. It’s most notable resident was Hannibal Hamlin who was Abraham Lincoln’s first Vice-President. As a lover of history, I’m excited to dig into more of the local history in […]

All Pokémon Go Fest attendees get a Legendary Pokémon, Articuno coming next

 Just a quick bit of news for anyone paying attention to all the hubbub out of Pokémon Go Fest: Legendary raids — the hardest form of the massive co-op battles that have players gather in the real world and team up to catch the game’s rarest Pokémon — will begin in the next 24-48 hours. […]

Drone registration coming to the UK

 The UK government has announced a plan to require drone owners to register their devices. It says the incoming rules are aimed at ensuring safer use of the technology. Read More Source: 77

Helping students transition from the laboratory to robotics startup

 A student at Monday’s TC Sessions: Robotics event in Cambridge asked me “How do I launch a successful startup?” I explained that I might not be the person at the show best equipped to answer, but I offered some simple advice nonetheless: find a problem that needs solving, address a need that already exists and […]

How product managers are slowly becoming mini CEOs

Ten years ago, the top companies by market cap in the world were predominantly in oil, general industry, and financial services. Today, the top five are technology companies, providing products and services to consumers and enterprises. With this transformation, the pace of innovation has increased exponentially in response to demand. Last year, the number of […]

Watch the first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of ‘Ready Player One’

 If you’re wondering how Steven Spielberg will bring the dystopian, VR-heavy world of Ready Player One to life, you can get your first real glimpse in the trailer (technically, a teaser for San Diego Comic Con) above. The film is based on Ernest Cline’s novel — a book that’s been recommend to me many times as […]

Alumni Group Insights: What makes them successful?

Alumni groups (clubs, chapters, networks, etc.) represent your alumni association’s brand “in the field.” They’re recruiting students. They’re hosting events all over the world. Perhaps they’re even raising money. What makes clubs successful? What are their biggest challenges, and how can staff members best assist these passionate volunteers? In this episode of Advancement Live, Kim Brown […]

HigherEd Live – Alumni Group Insights: What makes them successful?

Alumni groups (clubs, chapters, networks, etc.) represent your alumni association’s brand “in the field.” They’re recruiting students. They’re hosting events all over the world. Perhaps they’re even raising money. What … Source: fds

VCs love insurance, even if you don’t

 At first blush it may seem like insurance and venture capital make an odd couple. Venture capital is all about taking big risks for the potential of even bigger payouts down the road, while insurance is all about quantifying and mitigating risk. But make no mistake, there are vast sums of venture dollars going into […]

Are MOOCs, Bootcamps and Other Alternative Education Options Effective?

Kara Voght, U.S. News & World Report, Jul 22, 2017 According to this article, “A new study questions the quality of these programs, as well as the evidence that demonstrates their efficacy.” When an article questions whether any form of online learning is “effective”, the first question to ask is, “what do they mean by […]

The Complex Universe of Alternative Postsecondary Credentials and Pathways

Jessie Brown, Martin Kurzweil, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Jul 22, 2017 This is a survey document (56 page PDF) tracking research and commentary on the rise of alternative credentials (such as microcredentials, badges and certificates) and alternative learning pathways (such as word-based learning, MOOCs and short courses. The report has very little to […]

TigerVPN grants full online security forever – for less than $50

Other than the mostly unworkable scenario of going Amish and completely detaching from the grid, you won’t find a more sound method of protecting your online information and privacy than with a top-quality VPN provider. With cyber-thieves, hackers and online snoops always lurking, you need the talents of a quality VPN provider like TigerVPN to shield everything […]

What it’s like to ship yourself overnight on Cabin’s sleep pod bus

 Last weekend, I traveled from San Francisco to Los Angeles roundtrip on Cabin. When I arrived to the bus pickup location in San Francisco, a smiley attendant greeted me. She then proceeded to check me in and stow away my bag. Upon entering the bus, I saw the social lounge, where people can chit chat […]

Instructional Quality, Student Outcomes and Institutional Finances

Jessie Brown, Martin Kurzweil, American Council on Education, Jul 22, 2017 This newly released report from  the American Council on Education (25 page PDF) begins up front with a definition of instructional quality – sort of: “we maintain that the most sensible approach is to consider both inputs and outcomes, or to look at how […]

Feed your need to know

The Keyword, Google, Jul 22, 2017 I search a lot, and I search in fairly precisely defined areas, and I need to keep up on news in these areas, so the new Google service – a feed based on my search interests that updates with news daily – would seem to be perfect. Except, first, […]

Autonomous cars will create a trillion dollar passenger economy

Drivers are becoming riders. As ride services and autonomous vehicles become the norm, the new “Passenger Economy” will thrive as we strive to fill the reclaimed time once spent behind the wheel. Intel predicts that the value of goods and services for this economy will be close to $7 trillion by 2050, more than double […]

This Dutch startup turns plants into batteries

Imagine a lamp. Any lamp. Now imagine having to water it. Dutch product designer Ermi van Oers created Living Light: plants that double as lights. Or lights that double as plants – whichever way you prefer looking at it. The lighst run on electricity generated by bacteria in the soil. Here’s how it works: during […]

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